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Sooke Autism Support Society promotes inclusion and understanding

Goldstream News Gazette - 4/12/2021

Sooke Autism Support Society is hoping to build more inclusion and understanding for Autism Awareness Month.

Autism Awareness Month, which runs through April, aims to create a safer, more inclusive world for people living with autism, by increasing understanding and acceptance.

Sherri Palle, founder and president of SASS, said the group usually hosts an autism expo in April, but due to the pandemic, this year they will host their first annual general meeting. SASS received 'society status' in January, so the meeting will allow an introduction of all the executives and volunteers, and provide a chance to mingle with community members and ask questions.

Palle noted the importance of Autism Awareness Month, and is striving for more inclusion, compassion and understanding in Sooke.

SASS will also be holding a bottle drive on May 8 underneath the sign at SEAPARC.

All of the funds made from donations will go towards the scholarships that SASS offers, as well as towards bringing programs and support for people with autism.

SASS is a parent-formed society which collaborates with the parents, the community, education and autism professionals, school districts, government, and private associations to create happiness and success for children with autism.

The group offers access to resources, mentoring and parental support, a lending library, as well as hosting monthly meetings.

Palle noted that the resources SASS offers are not specific to autism, and the society welcomes all parents who have children with any type of special need.

To read more about National Autism Awareness Month, go to